FEDUN, William Edward (Bill)Bill_Iconic
Died October 8, 2014

Swordfighter, medieval armourer, airman, mentor and teacher. Died as he lived life, faithful and steadfast to all that is best in the chivalric ideal, worshipped God, defended his country, protected the weak, encouraged the faltering and honoured his wife, Brenda. (Brewer). Peacefully at Elisabeth Bruyere, on Oct. 8th, 2014 aged 58 after a short but determined battle with cancer. Son of the late Andrew Fedun and Joyce Lundeen. Brother of David, brother in law of Bill Brewer of B.C. Bill was an RCAF veteran, teacher of chivalrous swordhandling at Algonquin College and Plant Recreation Centre, co-founder of the Armoured Company of the Sword. He was self-taught in the art of medieval armour and generously gave of his skill and knowledge to many others. He believed in and lived by the virtues of Chivalry: Honour, Courtesy, Loyalty, Generosity, Prowess, Wisdom and Noblesse Oblige. Thanks to the staff at Elisabeth Bruyere and the Ottawa Cancer Centre at the General Campus and particularly Drs. Jonker and Sud and social worker, Krisann Dennis. If desired memorial donations made to The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. would be appreciated.

Message from Brenda (The Real Boss)

In July of 2013, Bill was diagnosed with a rare and aggresive form of intestinal cancer. In spite of treatment and wonderful medical care, it was apparent by September of 2014 that his condition was terminal.
In his time at the hospital we had many hours to talk. The business is his legacy and he very much wanted it to continue. Close friends of ours, Matthew Gulliver and Amanda Small have stepped up and expressed an interest in following in Bill’s footsteps.
Over the next few years, they will be taking over from me. I have full confidence in them to maintain the South Tower standards of customer service. Our wide range of products will still be for sale at conventions and medieval festivals.
Although we have lost our great font of knowledge, Bill’s copious notes and patterns from his visits to armour museums around the world have been preserved. Bill personally trained several apprentices in armour making. These people will be taking over the armour-making projects while keeping Bill’s high standards.
It was not until after Bill’s death that I realized the effect he has had on so many lives. The tributes online were heartfelt and beautiful. I would like to thank everyone for their support in this difficult time. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people who share the vision and dream that is South Tower.
If anyone wishes to honour Bill’s memory, donations may be made in his name to The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.


Introducing Matt & Amandawedding1.jpeg 27-09-2013 4-12-14 PM

In 2003 I received as a birthday gift, enrollment in a course entitled “Chivalrous Swordhandling” at Algonquin College. There I met a man named Bill Fedun who would change my life, although not for another 5 years. I continued on in school and did not return to what would become the Armoured Company of the Sword until 2008. When I returned I was a smarter man but not one who was whole in spirit. Bill and Brenda became pillars in my life. Bills stories and force of personality gave me something in my life I had no idea were missing. I became a better person, I found my feet once more, and I was introduced to a brotherhood that accepted me. A brotherhood forged by the hands of this wonderful man, Bill Fedun.

When Bill was diagnosed with cancer it was a hammer blow to the hearts of every member of ACS. In his final days we did what we could to support Bill and Brenda. Bill shared what he could while he was able, and crossed anything left on his bucket off whenever possible. In this time one of the things on his bucket list he crossed off is something held very dear to myself and my wife Amanda Small, he married the two of us in a ceremony that can never be matched.

Who I am today is vastly different from the man 12 years who was only truly picking up a sword for the first time, back then the art of the sword was a hobby whereas now it is more a part of my life. Much of the greatest changes for the better in who I am are in thanks to Bill.

For whatever reason when Amanda and I stepped forward to follow in his and Brenda’s steps and take the STAG title upon our shoulders, I remember the way he smiled and gave us his approval, and a book written by him with advice to guide us how he no longer could. Brenda’s approval also surprised us but we will endeavor to prove their confidence in us. I beseech those reading this to give us a chance to prove ourselves as worthy of the legacy entrusted to us by this wonderful man and his queen.