Events for 2018

May 11th – 13th is Ottawa Comicon. South Tower will be there selling our swords, knives, and custom armour. Come and check us out!

June 9th – 11th is the Upper Canada Village Medieval Festival. STAG will be there selling swords and armour. Education day June 8th will be armour try on. Members of the ACS will also be on hand to discuss the classes.

July 14th – 15th is the Kingdom of Osgoode Medieval Festival. There are child friendly events, food vendors, the STAG armoured fight demo, and the Knights of Valour jousting troop. July 11th is education day for children aged 4 to 14. The passport the children will receive will also cover their admission fee for Saturday or Sunday if they come back with a parent.

Aug 1st – Aug 6th is Kaleidoscope Gathering. This is a spiritual festival that embraces many walks of life and gives people the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences of their individual paths in life.

Aug 29th to Sept 3rd Brenda, Matt, and Amanda are headed down to FanExpo, selling our Armour and Swords.

November 21st – 22nd is Comicon Holiday Edition. South Tower will be there selling our swords, knives, and custom armour. Come and check us out!

Photos of our booth at events.

STAG Fighter Events.

October TBD is the Pumpkin Massacre Prep Day. For those with some spare time and willingness to participate we will have a group prep day to help get the land ready for the pumpkin massacre event. As Matthew is only one person and now has 2 kids he can’t always get everything done so we lend a hand to get the massacre perfect as can be.

November TBD is the 11th Annual STAG Pumpkin Massacre! Created for the purposes of training, mixed in with a little fun. Here students new and old can refine their striking and see how effective the techniques really are. The event is bring your own sword. The event itself a a potluck during the day, many people will bring snacks and beverages to share. A bonfire should be going for cooking any food you’d like to bring if the weather is kind. At the end of the day STAG will be organizing a proper feast with tickets on sale 2 months prior to the event. If you buy early it will definitely be cheaper. The feast is a bring your own booze event in Metcalfe itself, usually walking distance to the massacre. Watch here or our Facebook page for announcements.